What is CLR?

CLR started in 1992 as a cooperative network of researchers and trade union officers at European level. In 1996 it was registered as an association according to Belgian law covering five fields of activities:

1. Publishing the quarterly CLR-News;
2. Workshops and working parties;
3. Research projects;
4. Publishing a series of books, CLR Studies;
5. Annual Meetings.

The objectives of CLR are: to initiate, coordinate and conduct labour research in the construction and wood industries. The association shall develop or support activities that are directly or indirectly connected with its objectives, including educational activities and the publication of research findings.

In the meantime associated members started regional offices in order to focus on the specific regional problems of construction labour within the European development. See under links. For contacts go to People.

Now available CLR-studies 7: The long and winding road to an asbestos free workplace

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